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Lemme refresh your brain a bit, PPC was introduced to the Amiga architecture by PHASE5, an OFFICIAL COMMODORE third party developer. A1200 PPCs were the fastest classic amiga models, powered by Phase-5 of course. That was the only way to go, as long as the 68k architecture was OBSOLETE.
But it seems "now it comes to light" under your so-well reasoned explanation a Commodore A1200 with PPC is not an Amiga... Clear... Any other great fact to throw light on, master?

Whaddaya want? Keep with the 68k forever while trying to keep reasonable computing power compared to PeeCees? That wouldn't be NONSENSE. And, again, if you're so retro and so immovilist you can't understand systems evolve, you should go back to the pong and stop arguing about that "amiga legacy you don't like".

I really don't understand people like this, and why are they posting stuff here.
They look more interested on arguing and claiming all the time the system is dead than on giving positive vibes and contribute to the Amiga community. You like to talk about dead stuff? Then, dude this is the livest dead thing i've ever seen. It keeps people like you arguing and saying regressive stuff. Amiga is not dead, is just dead under commercial terms... No dead stuff comes with projects related to it from time to time.

Under your arguments, CP/M shouldn't ever moved from the Z80 to the x86 and transformed to DOS, DOS shouldn't ever have transformed into Windoze, and so on.
Just like other folks that shouldn't ever got out from their caves, and stopped on carving
stuff on stone and started to type on a keyboard. Do you believe on evolution? Or probably you still believe Adam and Eve were the origin of men? ... C'mon...

And no, I DON'T own a SAM.
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