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cd32 emulation tips

The main difference with emulating a cd32 is the fact that the cd32 had a special chip i think for throwing images from the cd quickly. If i remember right this was called a planar chip. Luckily most cd32 games don't use this chip. The only one that comes to mind is microcosm. Some of the cd32 emulators on the 1200 sort out the planar chip problem.

However most games don't use it, on winuae i used to use a little program called fakeboot, which allowed you to boot from any drive. This made it possible to play 98% of cd32 stuff without any problem. Booting to workbench is one of the things that messes things up because memory is used doing this and some games are very tight on it.

All i can say is nearly every cd32 game does work on winuae with just a couple of exceptions.

Can't remember if cd32 used wb3.0 or 3.1 now, this might make some difference on a couple of games.
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