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Originally Posted by DyLucke View Post
I'll explain it again, bec it seems somebody can't make it into his head.

Did Amiga use PPC? Yes they did at the very end.
Maybe it is you. Commodore never used PPC, they were taking a peek at HP PA-RISC when they went under. Their last development was the well known A4000T (a 68040 based computer), then they went bankrupt.

The famous OS4, is as AmigaOS, as Linux is Unix, as ReactOS is Windows, and so on.

Why try to delude yourself? A SAM is an overpriced and underpowered ordinary PPC motherboard, totally unrelated to what the Amiga hardware architecture was.

Its OS, OS4, is an attempt to rewrite AmigaOS on another architecture. It is as Amiga, as AROS and MorphOS is.

It is up to you to believe the marketing bullshit Hyperion and company try to acomplish with you, just to get more $$$ from the nostalgia factor.

Please, let it rest in peace, the Amiga has long been dead. Enjoy what is left of it!

Have fun with your SAM, but dont think for a second it is an Amiga!
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