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I'll explain it again, bec it seems somebody can't make it into his head.

Did Amiga use PPC? Yes they did at the very end.
Is OS4 a derivative from the old AmigaOS? Yes it is.

So, despite what some "purists" could think, these new breed machines like SAM are FAR NEARER to a real amiga than any other platform. What do you expect? Have the system unaltered for decades? centuries? ages? eons? That's the real NONSENSE, amiga evolved while it was still "commercially alive" and it evolved to the PPC, SAM still uses that technology, and uses the OS, so it can be called amiga for sure. It has a lot of PC hardware on it? Of course, A-One did, Pegasos did, and they were amigas either. Take for example the Macintosh, they used 68k architecture either, they moved to the PPC and they were still MAC. And believe me there is a lot of PeeCee hardware on a G3 or G4. But they're still MAC. ... I can't say the same actually.

In my case i do use a MacMini, is it an Amiga? NO it isn't but it works like any other
PPC Amiga. If you still can't understand systems can EVOLVE, you should turn back to the tabble tennis console PONG, or play the Atari 2600 forever.

SAM is an Amiga, there's no doubt about it. A Macintosh G4 is a Mac, and the Firebee is an Atari ST, in the same way MiniMig is an Amiga and NatAmi will be, despite these two will be nearer to the original concept than to the new breed.

I do AGREE with Desiv
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