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After reading this post all the way long i have some things to say about.

First, i don't agree with the idea that "new breed amigas" are not amigas anymore, certainlly they're not 68k, they've not custom amiga-compatible chips, but they share the same evolved OS and the last CPU architecture added to the classic amigas, the PPC.

So as long as they share both things we can still call them "amiga"...

The problem with the SAM boards is a mere budget problem, they're really overpriced, i do figure they're not cheap to produce, yes, but as long as they're so expensive they should provide a faster CPU than a mere 800mhz PPC.

Under my point of view it's better to stick up with MorphOS and buy a license aside a PPC G4 1,5ghz MacMini... Even better knowing that Piru and team will try to extend MorpOS to other PPC macs. That means, fair computing power for a fair price.

I guess SAM boards would need to provide a significant boost over old macs to justify
their price and attract potential users... But with a more expensive and less powerful platform i don't think they're competitive, sadly.

Another thing to mention is the NatAmi project, or the Minimig V2, this AGA Minimig could attract some users that want NEW hardware, or that want some extra capabilities over a regular stock A1200, but it's NatAmi the one that could finally attract all classic amiga users and new amiga users since it could beat any 68k classic amiga model on it's own field... if it ever comes to light.


Time to buy a MorphOS license. ^^
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