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Lets see Thorham cuts up my whole posting instead of actually talking about the exact points (I mean just because he doesn't call PPC evolution it isn't evolution?what sort of arguement is that, opinions don't matter m8 and OS4.x is an obvious continuation of previous AmigaOS releases, like I said you belong in that OTHER group) and Retro-Nerd seems to think I am trying to sell the modern Amiga to people and I should also govern what I write due to my insights on the topic and what Forum Board I am writing on? Hells teeth, do any of you have any respect for anyone on this forum and therefore think about what you type? That wouldn't sit nicely with your over exercised right to freedom of speech now would it (ie, the Amiga is not protected by moderation on this site, but it still proudly uses its name).

And that post 1 you refer to Refro-Nerd was posted quite a long time ago and was simply a harder hitting statement generally fuelled by my distaste of the so called Amiga communities today which are more a band of brothers than a dedicated following to the Amiga Spirit
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