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I know what you meen, my old a500 came out of the attick when my parents moved but time had not been its friend so it got chucked (along with a load of other amiga stuff) . this however made get the urge to buy a a1200 as i always wanted one, went onto ebay and found out how collectable all this stuff is, duh to the thorwing of stuff out!

So got a a1200, then decided I wanted a a500 again for compatibility reasons.

Then went and bought a a2000 which was been sold as video edititing equipment, unfortunatly the board had acide damage so the seller gave me pretty much a full refund just instead of sending it back. Bought a replacement mb which when arrived was well bellow standard and after a very dissmissve email from the seller decided to give me a full refund. So to date the a2000 has only cost me about £15 . Just need to get more time into getting it all running how i'd like it to.

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