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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
No you
Doesn't matter, does it? Whoever wants to use OS 4.x and a SAM should do. If people are looking forward to X1000 or Natami that's fine for them. Don't think we need any 'missionary' work on either side. Also if AmigaOS 4 is still 'Amiga' or not is a tedious discussion. It evolved from the 'classic' AmigaOS, so it is an Amiga OS (pun intended ).

The problem is on the other side of the fence you have people arguing against the modern Hardware that never really had any Passion for the Amiga Platform in the first place...

So instead of having this huge void only filled with PRO Amiga individuals (because everyone else has moved on) jumping on the band wagon! You get all these over factions from different backgrounds making all this negative noise! And it's noise the SAMs and X1000s can do without, why worry about pointing out the price OR the lack of power compared too XX machine, do you think people are stupid and will buy something they do not want?

That is why I stopped posting about it, because it keeps this other noise down too... no one wants to hear any type of OS fan boy right? Which is quite sad but only as far as the Amiga is concerned because this is one platform that can conjure real passion...

It's real Pride not unlike a country gets behind there national sport (funnily enough though, I don't ) not like techno-junkies arguing about specs...

If you want something to happen you have to get involved or at least just leave it alone... That is why I say alot of you are crazy... just leave it alone

be happy you haven't got the bug as you would put it but I can gaurantee yet again that there is something else going on somewhere else in your life that would suffer the same scrutiny if placed out in public for all of us to examine...
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