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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
There are no modern Amigas (except perhaps the minimig).
You in particular always seem to stand by this declaration... but it is seriously flawed... how much do you think the IBM componentry has changed from say the 286, what core components do you think were in that design that should have remained are in the moderm PC now?

Would it make you feel better if the Amiga had not come to a stand still and over the years the chips and direction of the Amiga Hardware gradually phased out these items you dearly cling too... see my point?

It would have happened theres no doubt about it... to protest against this is idealism based on a stationary belief and no doubt a personal choice...

The A500 etc has its place just like the SAM and the X1000...

Just like say the 386 and the modern IBM...

I think alot of you people are simply game players and possibly emulation types who have become interested in the real Amiga hardware, and there is nothing wrong with this but it just explains the mentality, and alot frown upon the modern solution simply because of price and it offers nothing for you!

Where as I am interested in the AmigaOS and using it as a complete computer... I'm not interested in games aside from compiling mud codebases which is a form of game?... AmigaOS is a dream OS, it doesn't hinder you or get in your way and it is snappy etc and that isn't due to excessive ram speed or cpu speed but based on OS design parameters

And like before if things don't go my way and there is a halt in Hardware solutions, I'll simply stay using whatever is last released and still be VERY happy too...

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