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Like I keep saying, you guys are all crazy...

Here are the facts.

I've owned an Amiga since 1986, I own a number of older Amiga systems, I've never owned anything but an Amiga and I've never stopped using an Amiga at home... I only just recently moved to a modern Amiga when the SAMs were released... I can hardly be called some Amiga fanboy since to me I'm just using the same computer and os I've always used for the last 25 years... alot of you members on here are no where near the same history as I am... this doesn't make you stupid it just explains your different perspective...

The Amiga had to evolve and the real AmigaOS and Hardware solution is giving us again the choice to remain seperate (and this is a great thing!) if you want your damn cheap components etc then run AROS or MorphOS... I certainly don't want the real AmigaOS just to be another portable freaking Operating System...

AmigaOS4.x is simply amazing and it always will be...
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