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Originally Posted by nooly View Post
use compressor/limiter to use most of all 8 bits. Otherwise your sample can be extremely noisy.
That will change the sound envelope, and (if used in a song) will change the sound mix levels etc.

That might be quite okay, if done right - ie. if the musician had already compressed it and knows what he's doing/what he wants.

Also, it doesn't so much remove aliasing noise as drown it out. And it won't fix a fadeout. An mp3 converts fine to mono 8-bit with only a slight background noise which stay at the same level all the way until the end of the song. When the song fades out the same noise level is suddenly quite noticable.

Normalizing is important, though! sox supports normalizing but is bitchy about it, it may throw up at the gain level for any random sample and not convert it.
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