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Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
@ Allen1

well for one, as you mentioned, I don't have to worry about this spyware/virus crap and having to reformat my HD every 2 months.

Two, I despise having to wait 5 bloody minutes to do anything on a 3+GHz PC..I boot up and am working under AmigaOS in less than 25 seconds!!!

Three, Blender on my 800Mhz system is snappier to work on compared to my friends 2 GHz PC (of course though rendering times are quicker on the PC)

& mainly,

Three, AmigaOS is my preferred OS for reasons we all know
And ???

Just because some folk are not up to speed on how to avoid the latest spyware or virus does not mean that they need to format the hard drive all the time. Most people who do computer repairs and build their own, generally know how to get rid of any pests and only resort to formatting as the last resort. If your PC is that slow, you have some serious problems going on there, maybe its time to see what Linux can do for you both speed-wise and virus-wise.

As far as your preference to 'AmigaOS', well that's something you have to live with. Hopefully some day you might have an operating system that is worth having, until then keep adding 3rd party apps to make it work as it should have done in the first place. I suppose that's one thing your operating system and Windows have in common, nothing to brag about on either system really.
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