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I wonder if the term "platform game" really applies to those that have PLATFORMS and JUMPING

This would make the God's fans most happy and the Flashback fans... well not so lol.

To be fair a game will always be a subject matter - as some games just click with the player - even crappy games ... like 3D death chase on the Spectrum... or 3D maze attack on the ZX80/1...

low and behold what one takes from a game another may completely miss or not be that interested in..... i.e. I loved the original Sensi Soccer.... infact I enjoyed the first SWOS... but the rest.... well there pretty lame to be honest... completely in-human goalies, cheating AI etc etc - but the latters are really raved about...

so it comes down to what really tickles ones taste buds.... the only exception to this rule is QWAK.... and Yolander.... and yo!joe!.... and......


now... its time you all got back to appreciating and exalting in a god like manner the epic game that is Captive.... go now.... pay hommage to the game by playing it.... and count your lucky stars you are deemed worthy to play =)

thats is all =)
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