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Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
hey that's great for you so please keep on using the latest PC and Vista etc......I've used and assembled/configured hundreds of win boxes and I honestly can say the newest PC that comes out every month is not a big deal at all for me personally
I too have built at least 50 PC's from scratch and fixed at least 100 friends and neighbours laptops and PC's, some physically damaged and on others re-installing or upgrading the systems or getting rid of spyware and viruses.

Anyone who follows the must have new whatever fad as in your comment about what comes out every month etc, has more money than sense in my opinion. Having said that, my opinion of a computer like your Amiga having to use an emulator to work like a real Amiga is that it is a pretty stupid thing to have to do.

A cheap and cheerful Laptop or PC can do that and also allow you to use several flavours of Linux (some versions can also run an Amiga emulator). So apart from the price tag, what is it that makes a SAM so special compared to the average run of the mill PC?
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