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Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
You do know what a "paraphrase" is, don't you?
Yes, a paraphrase is what you don't put in quotes as tho it is what the other person said because it is paraphrased.

And/or you preface it with something like "they jumped in with phrases like" or "they said things like."

Now, normally, it's not a big deal, but as you made a huge point about being misquoted, some of us couldn't help but appreciate the irony...

You should realize that it's not your ideas that people take offense to per se..
It's the apparent attitude that accompanies it...

If you relax a bit and add more smileys, you'll find that this board is one happy family...

Just like the Manson's.. er.. um.. well. yeah...

Take it easy..

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