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A lot of it is opinion of course and so here are mine

I prefer Lotus 1 to the sequel by far as it's more intimate.Lotus3 is probably best overall for having best of both

Speedball2 is a much better game for more obvious reasons i think and is the best game of it's type too.Speedball1 is fairly basic in comparison

Turrican2 is perhaps not better by anything too obvious but i do much prefer it.3rd one doesn't feel quite like a Turrican game

Xenon1 is a little better as there is an element of tactics missing from the sequel.I really don't like either game though- probably because i could never get past that last black and pink level.I did used to like the game quite a bit at the time however

Starglider 1 and 2 i think is just down to choice.I like them both and while it's clear Starglider 2 is more ambitious technically and because of how much more you can do, they both only play so well anyway.It's hard to say Starglider2 is any better just because it's more featured gameplay
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