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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
You know, I throw away old PCs all the time... The Amiga isn't exactly superior to an old PC, it's just opinions and what kind of nostalgy you have associated with it.

It's very understandable that people throw away Amigas and other systems, they just don't have any interest and need for it anymore. And who would thought that Amiga was worth a lot? The first that comes to mind is: useless, no performance etc etc...
I wouldn't (but I know though, because I checked the Internet - and here I am).
Agree wholeheartedly - if it's not of interest anymore, it must sometimes be just thrown on the scrap heap. I'm not really a technology collector, but in this day and age it should be at least worth a try to get a buck for it on some auction site and make someone happy. Whether it's a VHS machine, perfectly good radio, yesterday's 300 GB harddisk, it feels like a shame to not let someone have a chance at it. But I know some people who think wrapping a parcel and dump it at the post office is an onerous chore.
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