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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Yep, can only see hard scientific facts from you there
Gods is technically deficient, so it can't be the best. (I'm not saying that an Amiga game needs backgrounds like Lionheart or scrolling like Kid Chaos for that to be the case, but it should at least look like it's on the Amiga.) Gods also has very noticeably coarser animation than the games that I mentioned in comparision.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
The fact that people don't mind choppy scrolling doesn't make your 'point' (whatever it is) any more vaild.
Whether or not people mind the scrolling doesn't change the fact that it's choppy. But that was never my point to begin with! I only mentioned its scrolling in passing! Then a few people jumped on that with "It's only choppy because that's the only way to do slow scrolling!" and "It's actually really smooth, you're just not seeing that because you're using an emulator!" (never mind that Retro-Nerd sees what I'm talking about on his Amiga), and I had to defend what I said. Because I was defending a claim about Gods's scrolling, that OBVIOUSLY means that it was my main point the whole time, and might as well define the game as far as I'm concerned. Who cares what I actually said or think?

tl;dr: What you're calling my "point" was never anything like a point to begin with. Again, you guys can't seem to figure out how to not put words into my mouth.

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