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Originally Posted by humble worm View Post
so more colors used = better?
No, but fewer colors used = not "the best". In fact, I've seen 16-color games that look better than Gods, like Shadow of the Beast II and Brian the Lion.

Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
He may have the heart of a lion, but he has the body of a badly drawn woman.
That's not true! He has the body of a badly-drawn gimp!

Joking aside, I think that Lionheart looks better than Gods (and most other Amiga games) in just about every other way.

Originally Posted by switchblade View Post



Did I get that right? Does it really matter THAT MUCH to you if a game sucks because of slow scrolling graphics? I've played DOS platformers that have worse scrolling than Gods does (Commander Keen for example), but I still enjoy playing both Commander Keen and Gods.
LEARN TO READ. Maybe you missed this?

Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
(I'm not saying, by the way, that Gods is bad because of its scrolling. I forgive both games like you forgive Gods. It takes something like Zool for me to say that the scrolling makes it "a pain to play".)
Notice that I put Ruff 'n' Tumble, bad scrolling and all, at number 5 on my top ten list. I dislike Gods because of the awful controls, cheap hits, and annoying item interface.

I didn't join this forum and post this thread so people could make things up that I didn't say and twist my words into what they aren't. If you have a problem with my posts, fine, but don't invent stuff like "Raggot says that Gods is badly-programmed, he thinks that it's a worthless game!" or "Raggot says that Gods's scrolling could be a lot better, he thinks that the scrolling makes it terrible!" "Raggot said stuff about emulators, emulators can't scroll!" Give me a break, people.

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Funny, I'm in the USA and I have 2 Amigas.. They really aren't that hard to come by...
Maybe for you, but I searched for them on eBay three times and found nothing but power supplies and keyboards. And an old 1000, but it was $400. No thanks.

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