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Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
Did you even see what I was quoting? I said that it was badly-programmed. Apart from the controls, I think that the design is excellent.
I once read somewhere that a program outer looks (interface, interaction, working etc...) reflects the program inner code, if a program is great, then the code must be great. (so bad code = bad program no matter what)

Now, i understand that your only problem with Gods are the controls, quite an improvement for it being worthless.
Then, give it a go again, finish the first world, try to find all secrets. you may like it. (Happened to me before, not liking a game, and then, on a second try finding it one the best).

Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
The animation is "the best on the Amiga"?! Really? What about Leander, Flashback, Benefactor, Lionheart, the Shadow of the Beast sequels--honestly, Gods has some of the cheapest animation that I've seen. I've seen better on the NES.
I sincerly beleive the animation and attention to details in them are better than all the ones you listed. (Never seen a better monster explosion effect more nice than the one in gods)
Marl coleman, if he is the one who did the graphics, is a genious.

Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
Tell that to Lionheart. How can a game with ugly character proportions, a 16-color palette, and choppy movement have the best graphics on the Amiga? Have you even played another Amiga game?
Played most, and finished a lot too.

Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
Ruff 'n' Tumble definitely has nice graphics, but the scrolling is bad on that one as well. Not as bad as Gods's is, though.
The bad scroll is very noticable on this one, making it a pain to play.
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