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Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
This is just blasphemy. Worthless? WTF are you smoking? Gods transcends all other games in the genre with its depth, becoming the thinking man's platformer. If you can't appreciate it, then that's your fault.
Did you even see what I was quoting? I said that it was badly-programmed. Apart from the controls, I think that the design is excellent.

Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
I've invested what is quite possibly hundreds of hours into Gods, and I have never noticed any choppiness. Get a new monitor, because obviously yours is bollocks.
Yes, my monitor is the problem here, because everything else is smooth as glass. Give me a break.

Originally Posted by Jgames View Post
Gods graphics, especially sprites animations and explosions are the best on the amiga.
The animation is "the best on the Amiga"?! Really? What about Leander, Flashback, Benefactor, Lionheart, the Shadow of the Beast sequels--honestly, Gods has some of the cheapest animation that I've seen. I've seen better on the NES.

Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
Just in the graphic departement, Gods is the best.
Tell that to Lionheart. How can a game with ugly character proportions, a 16-color palette, and choppy movement have the best graphics on the Amiga? Have you even played another Amiga game?

Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
(the other one being Ruff n' tumble)
Ruff 'n' Tumble definitely has nice graphics, but the scrolling is bad on that one as well. Not as bad as Gods's is, though.

Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
What do you think about gods graphics? if you think they are worthless, give examples of
worthy ones then, and lets discuss.
I didn't even mention the graphics. Learn to read. In fact, I think that they're pretty good, apart from the animation and the main character. I might as well indulge you with a list of games with "worthy" graphics, though:


Another World

Apano Sin


Brian the Lion

Bubba 'n' Stix

The Chaos Engine

Disposable Hero


Fightin' Spirit


Fly Harder

The Godfather

Kid Chaos





Quik the Thunder Rabbit

Ruff 'n' Tumble

The Shadow of the Beast sequels

Speedball II






Wrath of the Demon

Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
(don't say Lion Heart, while the graphics are exellent, gods is better).
Because you say so, I presume.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Wait... you never played the game on a real Amiga?
Living as I do in America, I can't say that I've had the opportunity. You have Commodore's brain-dead marketing department to thank for that. Is there some kind of crazy scrolling routine that's smooth on the actual hardware but somehow impossible to emulate well? I find that hard to believe, although it's the only possible explanation for this, assuming that Gods really does scroll smoothly on a real Amiga.

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