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RE: Gods

Personally - Choppy scrolling aside - the game is quite boring for me, I find it linear and obvious... I found none of this "thinking" that people mention here - it not all that hard to complete - just monotonus to be quite frank about it.

I found it much more fun playing Alfred Chicken to be sincerely honest.

As far as platform games go - they dont need much - however good fast/smooth scrolling is an essential ingredient - somthing that I feel that Gods lacks - Since gods is not ment to be a fast-platformer - I tihnk its this that allows the game to get away with what it does for a lot of people.

Its a shame as the story is pretty cool and with a little more effort it could be the game that a lot claim as (forgive the pun) god-like!...

With the exception of a couple of other titles I find that the games that BitMap Brothers released (published and or developed) are more "style" over "subtance" - but I have stated this before...

However there are 3 of their titles that are very close to my heart -
  • 1.Chaos Engine (ECS or AGA both are great),
  • 2.Speed Ball 2
  • 3.Cadaver (both of them)

none of them are platform games however
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