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SDHC cards don't work in those PCMCIA adapters because the hardware doesn't support them, the 2GB limit isn't to do with FAT32 or the Fat95 filesystem. PCMCIA CF adapters and multi-card readers can generally read much larger cards, I can't say for sure what the largest CF card you can read is because anything over 8GB is waaay too expensive for me to try.

All LCD TVs that have VGA inputs can be used as computer monitors, that's the great thing about LCD TVs as opposed to plain LCD monitors, they're the same thing but with heaps more inputs (and tinny speakers).

Using your RGB-VGA adapter, you may be able to display some dedicated VGA modes in Workbench. To do this, plug your Amiga into the LCD TV via the RGB-VGA adapter, as well as your PC through Composite (for now). Boot up into Workbench, now move the VGAOnly and Multiscan drivers from the Storage/Monitors drawer to the Devs/Monitors drawer. Double-click each one to activate them, then go to the ScreenMode preferences and select one of the new modes to test, click Use and see if it re-opens Workbench in a compatible display with your LCD TV. If it does, then you can definitely keep using your LCD through VGA for Workbench and other applications, but you will still need something that accepts a PAL input to play games and things.

The S-Video-VGA Converter from AmigaManiac has a built-in scan-doubler and flicker-fixer, so it should be able to upscale any PAL and NTSC screens to VGA, compatible with your LCD TV or any other PC monitor.

The A520 is just a TV modulator. It converts RGB to Composite and RF, just as AmigaManiac's adapter converts RGB to Composite and S-Video, but they can't convert a PAL signal to NTSC. If you hack an A520 for S-Video output you could buy a cheap S-Video-VGA Converter, saving a few dollars on the extra RGB-S-Video converter. If your C64 monitor can accept PAL signals and you can output the right signals to it, there's a good chance it will be an acceptable display.
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