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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I'm waiting for Bippy's and Zetr0's judgement on Craptive I & II
OOooOOOOOOO thats an insta-ban fo sure!!!!!

okay can't argue with the Craptive 2 to be honest....

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Captive 1 without a doubt, I can already speak for them

I'd compare Captive and Knightmare before I'd compare Captive and Liberation, but Captive remains the better one
\o/ YAY GIMBIE!!!! \o/!!!!!

Originally Posted by Dastardly View Post
(now, please only take this as s joke from the other thread)

I was going to say Gods 2 - since it hasn't been made yet its the best game of the series

(only teasing, =D)

but its surprising how it looks so much like Robin Hood: legend quest? almost so it could be sequal =D


Speedball 2 - freaking awesome! -
Speedball 1.... not so.... infact a little on the lame...

Super Cars 2 - yay!!!! fan-ta-homing-missile-tastic!!!

Lotus 2 - much better than Lotus

Laser Squad 2 (aka UFO Enemy Unknow) el'so superior!!!

Jungle strike I would say was on-par with Desert Strike

hot debate on the Frontier Vs Elite - I love 'em both equally

Body-Blows Galactic was a better game than Body Blows (not that it was hard)

Eye of the Beholder II was spankulicious compared to the original

Dune 2 was better (although completely different from the first)

and thats me all thought out for the moment.
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