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Top 6 Personal Amiga Platform Games (in no particular order ):

1. Shadow of the Beast III - I just find it more fun to play, despite being shorter and less prettier than the first two games. At least the controls didn't suck.

2. Turrican II - Two words. BAD ASS.

3. Leander - Nice mix of action and a little bit of RPG elements in the game (AKA: buying your own equipment). Also loved the somewhat Western-Oriental art style the game had.

4. Lionheart - Enjoyed the hell outta this game. Great graphics and levels. Didn't like the fact that you had a small attack range, but it's a nitpick for the most part.

5. BC Kid - So what if it's a port of a TurboGrafx game? Still fun to play.

6. Flashback - I liked this more than Another World. Maybe because it wasn't so overly frustrating like that game was; but then that's my opinion.
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