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I agree, Speedball 2 to is awesome compared to the first one.

Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
Games where the sequel surpasses the original...

... but also some where further sequels do not.

I was playing Speedball 2 at a friend's earlier today, and it got me thinking about what other games there are with a sequel that surpasses the original.

The obvious example (other than Speedball 1/2) that sprang to mind for me was Bubble Bobble, which imo manages to be beaten by Rainbow Islands on sheer fun-factor, even though the latter lacks the simultaneous multiplayer mode.

Sadly, Parasol Stars, although a good game in it's own right, i do feel is inferior to both of its predecessors, and so i have decided to throw that in as an extra topic of discussion

Anyone else know of any contenders for either of these categories? Amiga games preferred, although not a mandatory requirement of the thread
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