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True.. That just seems like a lot of little things to all fit inside the Amiga 1200..
I would think it would be pretty crowded in there.. ;-)

So, perhaps, just a new supply of clockport MP3 players?
Although, considering I have probably 6 devices within arms reach that will play MP3s, I'm not sure what the actual requirement is.. ;-)

I suppose, if you want to always keep your PCMCIA card available for CF cards, a clockport ethernet card might be nice, and wifi (with WPA on card) would be nicer.
(Can the clockport bandwidth provide that?)

But again, for the cost, I'm not sure there would be enough of a market...

Hey, you know what might be nice?

An internal CDROM kit. Buffered IDE port, cable, mounting bracket and cutting template.
It looks fairly simple to add a CDROM, but the whole "cutting the case and mounting" bit is tricky..

I suppose you could just use a longer cable and mount an adapter on the pop-out panel on the back of the 1200, and provide an external mini-cdrom? To make it easy for those who don't want to cut up the case...

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