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Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
What? That would only be valid if Gods scrolled at half of a pixel per frame (which it doesn't), and even if it did, it wouldn't be choppy at all. Choppiness happens when you drop frames that would have been there.
After thinking a bit about it, i agree with you on that one.
But to get a slow scroll on low resolution screen, it will give some kind of blurriness instead of choppiness.

Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
Turrican II and Battle Squadron have far more objects, and they scroll just fine. Besides, Gods scrolls badly even when there's nothing on the screen. It's bad coding, plain and simple. And I like how you "doubt" that smooth, slow scrolling is "possible", when the Amiga has numerous games that do just that.
Taken a whole, Gods is a coding masterpiece, but i agree with you, maybe because it has St roots that the scroll is not that perfect.

About hardware limitation, it allowed to create some great games (metal gear is an example, i read Hideo Kojima saying that because the hardware was limited, it allowed him to design the game as it is known).
For example, look at PC now, so much power, you can do anything with it, while a good thing, it has mainly turned many games to fast boring action games.

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