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Originally Posted by BrooksterMax View Post
Not much mention of Zool 1 and/or 2, that was one of my favourite platformers.

I always thought of Zool being a more duller Sonic rip-off, the game that most amiga magazines hyped to use as a sort of childish statement "haha look sega what the amiga can do, no problem! - it's even faster (just don't mention the terrible graphics to make that possible)". It never came close to being as entertaining as Sonic either.

As some already said about Superfrog, I felt exactly the same. It's clearly a quality game with decent graphics and smooth scrolling but it was also dull and uninteresting. They just tried to follow Sonic's footsteps, the idea of Zool and Superfrog being the new Amiga flagships/mascottes always felt like an insult to an amiga game purist to me..
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