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Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
Who cares about the speed when it's so choppy?
Gods is slow scrolling, so it may be impossible to get a 50hz pixel by pixel scoll that is slow enough for the game.
When you scroll one pixel to right for example (slowest scroll), you have to scroll 50 pixels each frame to get a fluid scroll. if this shift of 50 pixels to the right per second is too fast, then you have to divide it by a value, most logical one is two, so you do 25 pixels shift to the right per second, so, one frame shift, one frame idle, one frame shifts, one frame idle, and so on, this way, you get 25fps shoppy scroll. It's like that, you can't do a slow scroll, that is 50fps.

The resolution is also important, for a 320 pixel width, if you do the one pixel scroll that is 50hz then you will turn the page (go from 0 to 319 pixels) in 320/50 in 6.4 seconds, if this 6.4 is two fast, then there is no issue than doing shoppy 25fps which will turn the page in 12 seconds or so.
A bigger resolution will give a great slow motion scoll, for example in 640 width, a slow scroll can take 640/50 = 12 seconds scroll a page from left to right.

This is what i think anyway, but would be happy to know more, from other coders.

Also, gods has a lot of action (sprite anims) on the screen, so maybe, even if say a smooth 50hz slow scroll was possible (which i doubt, explanation above) then the amount of objects on the screen would make that hard if not possible.

Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
Wait, you're seriously saying that not being choppy would make Gods WORSE? What?!
Yes, there are some games that benefited from bad technology to be great, like knigthmare on the msx, very choppy, very slow scroll, that allowed the game to be the great game that it is.
Also, metal gear on the msx2, if the msx2 had easy scroll in all direction like the nes, then metal gear would not even be created.

Smooth != fast. What the console ports did wrong does not negate what they did right.

Originally Posted by Raggot View Post
Your point? Unless they're bad because of their scrolling (which would be a very stupid thing to say), that's irrelevant. They'd certainly be worse if they were choppy.
It depends on the game, some games can do with shoppiness, some can't.

Originally Posted by rare_j
Nobody's said rick dangerous
I love that game!!
should be in any serious top ten, great game. (especially the II)
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