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Ok, so lets say that with Jens' new cards, every A1200 (and A600) owner will now be able to find RAM and/or accelerator and RAM in low to medium range...
So, what's next for an A1200...
Ok, you have your Amiga 1200 with gobs of RAM (8M-64M depending on your solution, and some go over that I believe)...
You have a PCMCIA ethernet card.
You have s-video (amigamaniac) or VGA (indivision when they are back in stock)..
You have IDE CF based storage...

So, that's limiting what's left..

I think Cammy is right, that leaves clockport expansions.... But what is really needed there?

I would think, if you could come up with a clockport expander that provided USB AND MP3, that would just about cover most everyone's A1200 needs... :-)

(Or an MP3 clockport with a passthru so you can add a Subway if you want..)

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