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"beleaguered telecommunications industry" Good grief! Ummm, beleaguered mostly due to their incompetence and greed

What's at stake here is fair use. That's something we've enjoyed for a very long time now. From library books to CDs we've had this. Where is this going to end? As far as TV goes we pay already even if the show is recorded and watched later. Between the commercials and the satelite/cable fees we are paying. To combat TIVO and commercial skipping they incorperate ads right into the shows. There's no end to the greed of this industry.

I don't watch much TV anymore. Most of it's BS. Even channels like TLC (The Learning Channel) and Discovery are oxymoronic at most times. At first PBS looked like it'd die... now it looks like it'll be the place to actually watch factual science.

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