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What PPC Apps/Games do you run?


I'm setting up my Blizzard PPC, had some fun with Quake and Quake 2. AdoomPPC plays Doom2 much better than Adoom on the 060 did so thats great. Also dabbled a bit with WarpSnes but that was a bit lame on the Amiga.

What are the best PPC apps to get? I've tried some other emulators but they don't have any gui and I just don't get on with CLI commands

Is there a version of Mame that runs on a PPC? I found some stuff on Aminet but its not clear if its for A1200 with PPC or a Power PC.

Can't get Warp3D to run on my Voodoo 5 so that rules out any 3D apps for now, I'm going to try a Voodoo 3 and see if I have more luck.


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