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Originally Posted by Stefan Lindberg View Post
Do you have any ideas on what to do? If not then Uncle Tom has done lots of graphics for an Amiga platform game called "Axe'n crossbow" and he don't mind if it is used for Amiga (or STE) game, actually he even wants to help doing it

here is a mockup screenshot:

That's very nice artwork.

Yes. I plan on writing (or re implmenting something I've done before) a portable C based API for writing games. Maybe with some ASM to speed up the time critical parts. Oh and the API will be open source too. BSD licensed.

SDL is way too heavyweight for these old machines. I'm not going to write a game as is but I am going to develop the tools necessary to write fast portable arcade games in C. The idea is to be able to target the STE then port trivially to the Amiga perhaps with enhanced art assets. Anybody who knows C ought to be able to produce nice video games for both platforms.
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