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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
Just what I need a good news story

On topic: well, I guess a lot of people wonder how Commodore could throw away the Amiga. Part of the reason was games compatibility vs the chipset, although an early enough update to twice the cpu/blitter speed would surely have made many NEW games see the light of day, as well as having kept gamedevs on Amiga around for a while longer. The 1985 model was really supremely viable until 1991 or so, when console games started to become good.

I just yesterday thought 'even a simple OCS board with a 68020 and fastram could have been enough, if early enough'.

In the world of markets and companies, releasing something great is just one of the many things they consider when making products. Sadly, 'making something awesome' is too often quite far down on such a list.

In 1991, the A500 etc was still selling like hotcakes here in Europe - certainly it by then had quite viable upgrade paths and quite a few killer apps. And after all, it had the most excellent and responsive user-experience of all computers up until that time.

I think the decision-makers decided to milk their existing products until the end before offering new models. The problem was, I think, that while it was still excellent for end users, software (also game) devs, managers of like, and business people in general were seeing the end of OCS/ECS, and maybe the end of the home computer era in general, 2-3 years before this. With nothing 'proper', 'professional', 'upgradable so it's worth investing in' being offered by Commodore-Amiga in 1988, they lost all long-term/future markets. The Amiga 3000 was an offer in that direction, but years too late (and graphics were really as slow and lores as ever).

(Just some though projections; they may or may not be accurate.)

"It's easy to be after-wise" as we say here in Sweden, but a model with improved color depth and hiring many more software devs to the OS department, to also give the OS a direction with ambitious devkits, licenses, frameworks etc, would have been investments that could have built an empire.
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