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And it seems that my thread wasn't such a failure after all! BTW, I put Alien Fish Finger on my list; I'd completely forgotten about it.

I apologize in advance for any excessive quoting. It's a bad habit of mine.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Well, we had some threads about Amiga platformer, even a poll. Just use the search function.
No top tens, though. What can I say? I like lists.

Originally Posted by Fabie View Post
benefactor is not a platform is a puzzle game
all the others are action games except Nicky boom
What? If it has running, jumping, and platforms, it's a platform game! Adding features doesn't negate that!

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
of course the list will go on... theres some fine titles IMHO - and there is som exualted crap - like GOD's -- nice intro - shame about the suposed game attached to the end of it.
THANK YOU. Honestly, people get so hung up on the cool concepts and puzzles and stuff that they forgive it for playing like crap. And it has ugly ST scrolling, too. At least it isn't as bad as Magic Pockets. God, what an awful game that was.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Anybody listing Flashback as a platformer didn't get it. Full stop
Excuse me while I move Flashback from my "Platform games" folder to my "Rotoscoped action-adventure-shooting-stealth games with RPG elements that just happen to feature running, jumping, and platforms" folder. All joking aside, how can a game with said elements not be a platform game? Don't give me any crap about the emphasis being on the puzzles or anything, because there's loads of other stuff, and because literally every platform game ever made has something besides the underlying platform structure. I suppose that Brian the Lion isn't a platform game either? I mean, you can punch enemies, like in a beat-em-up, right? Therefore, it isn't a platform game, and anyone who says that it is has missed the point completely.

...I apologize for the rant. I didn't intend for it to turn out like that.

Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
I was going to mention Blues Brothers as one of my all-time-favourite platform games... but someone could object it's not actually a platform game but a musical film adaptation, so I won't.

Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
What is wrong with you people, Superfrog is a damn fine game! Shame on you
Eww. No. It isn't even on the level of Bubsy the Bobcat.

...I think that I just reposted the whole thread.

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