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A stock A600 is great for octamed - a small £30 investment will see you with 2MB of CHIP and this is a great boon for Octamed 4 - 6.

I used to have an A1200 and an A600 linked up to play octamed sycronusly from pressing the space bar - this at the time gave me 8 channels of good quality audio - I also found that the A600 keyboard is better that the A1200 as it can infact play 3 notes from three keys being pressed at the same time - (the A1200 can not)

the fact that the A600 has IDE is a fantastic boon for the portable-medder - with this you can lump in upto 4GB of Compact flash card - boasting pretty much everything written for octamed as well as a very NICE sample library!!!

you could, with another small investment of about £30 (for a buffered IDE interface) look at adding an optical drive - like a laptop DVDRW - with a small Hack@Home stereo mixer you can have the ability to play CDDA tracks overlayed with Octamed =)

have a look at this thread for a beefed up A600 =)

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