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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
The wake up remark was directed at suitable moderation.

As for comfortable with your classics, I've just been unpacking another auction I won recently that included another 12 Amiga Systems, 1 more draco vision and 1 A3000D that I don't have one of... So now I'm sitting on 67 Amiga Hardware systems...

I can see I'm wasting my time here so I won't be making any more noise, if you don't support the new Amiga line then don't... but don't expect me to welcome you a few years down the road because you think it is finally up to spec for your tastes or cheap enough...

I have never left the Amiga so how do you expect me to view everyone else? LOL I'm self righteous because that is where I am... given different variables you'd probably view something in a similair light...

and my comments are right you just aren't thinking properly... when I say something it refers to the ultimate outcome, not the immediate significance.

eg when I say you are anti Amiga I do not mean you do not like your Amiga 1.x to 3.x experience but I mean you're simply ignoring the newer hardware because you choose to based on your ideals or perception... in effect, Anti or negative...

I'm sure alot of you people waste money every week but you accept it because it is part of your choosen lifestyle... make room for a new Amiga why shouldn't it make a suitable grade? The OS is far better than anything out there... you really are a whacked bunch... heh
Why do os 4 fanboys

1) get excited at PDA class performance
2) seem to hate real Amigas?

Answers on a post card to the usual address

If it doesn't have a blitter, copper etc it's not an Amiga.
UAE is SAM is not. Build a better mousetrap and people will come. This sad parody doesn't cut it.
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