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Originally Posted by Jonathan Drain View Post
No 68k chip is fast enough to emulate an Amiga. You need maybe a 200MHz Pentium II to run WinUAE.
But it wouldn't have to emulate the Amiga and it's 68k chip.
It would only have to emulate the Custom Chips/kickstart/etc...

The 68k commands would be handled basically straight across.

In the same way that the Amiga and the ST can emulate the Mac of the time.

Considering the complexity of the Amiga's custom graphics tho, it would be tricky..

It would probably be impossible to produce a good emulator...
But, an emulator on the ST that could run a small subset of Amiga programs, especially ones that are very simple... maybe..

It would have to be the pretty simple programs tho..
You know, like the games that were ported from the ST...

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