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As an avid user of both WinUAE and DOSBox, here are a few more games for the MS-DOS platform which surpassed Amiga:

- Monkey Island 1 & 2 - The PC versions had more music and more colours (256).

- Day of the Tentacle talkie (only recently ported to classic Amiga via ScummVM).

- Frontier: Elite II and Frontier: First Encounters (with patches) - check out FFED3D for a Windows modern graphical update to the latter. OpenGL updates of both also exist.

- Fade to Black - aging 3D sequel to Flashback. Ported to PS1 with added texture mapping and improved controls (but lower resolution graphics).

- Toonstruck - a classic adventure game prominently featuring Christopher Lloyd. Uses VESA 640x400x256 colour.

- Normality and Realms of the Haunting (classic 3D adventures by Gremlin).

- Super Stardust '96. Surpassing the AGA version, this today requires a decent PC to play smoothly on DOSBox.

- Quake 1. Near the end of the DOS era. This eventually got an Amiga port for high-end Amigas. Windows got GLQuake featuring 3D acceleration, which was later enhanced with the Tenebrae patch to add modern 3D shader effects.

I also liked Curse of Monkey Island, having first played MI on Amiga, but LucasArts had abandoned DOS by then for Win32.
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