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Old thread, timeless games.

Here are some 8-bit games I would have liked to have seen Amiga ports of:

- Rescue on Fractalus, Ballblazer and Koronis Rift from LucasFilm on the Atari 800 series. All included advanced 3D or pseudo-3D effects which made them stunning on an 8-bit machine. Amiga ports of all 3 would have been awesome.

- Labyrinth by LucasFilm on e.g. Commodore 64 (the direct precursor to Maniac Mansion, combining text and early graphical adventure features).

- Getaway! from the Atari 400/800 series. A shockingly-advanced 4-way scroller from 1982 with a HUGE map, reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto.

- The Repton series from Tim Tyler/Superior Software on the BBC Micro (I believe this got an Acorn Archimedes update). A unique Boulderdash-style series with its unique approach to puzzles (more cerebral than most similar games).

- Special Delivery on the Atari 800. What could be more fun than playing Santa and avoiding curious kids?

I'm sure there are more.
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