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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The plan is to have ACA630, A603, Indivision ECS and a harddrive-replacement properly fixed in a closed A600 case with an external df0: and no soldering required.

Hiya Jens,

Yep it makes sense to ditch the internal floppy drive (which are next to useless now). I used my PCMCIA CF reader much more than my floppy drive

How about mounting a simple CF reader where the floppy normally sits? This way users can use the vacant floppy slot to stick their cards in and leave the PCMCIA free for other duties. I saw someone has already made such a board for the A500 (it's in this months Amiga Future mag).

Also with the 'hard drive replacement', any chance of creating a proper cradle/mount that will hold a hard drive or flash card securely?

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