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Originally Posted by Omolungo View Post
I would like to keep my old good floppy drive inside the A600, an all in one machine

But we will see, for now I wish you a very good work
I agree, the compact/portable design of the A600 is what makes the system. If it gets to be the size of an A1200 then the A600's usefullness over the A1200 stops existing..
Most people I know use the A600 because it makes a nice "game console" for playing games on the living room TV, and it's able to run most of the more stubborn/older games (Kick1.3/68000), but it is missing the extra ram, and some more horse power for some games (Archipelagos, Virus, Frontier etc..)

I wouldn't mind taking a speed hit if it meant keeping the floppy drive internal.. and being able to switch the accelerator off to fallback to the 68000 would also be a very nice feature
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