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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I find most stuff works fine with ECS Agnus. There are of course exceptions, but not as many as you'd think. The Agnus unfairly gets a bad reputation for incompatibility when actually the root cause is usually the A500+ / A600's Kickstart v2.0x which came out at about the same time. With a KS1.3 and FastRAM I found the vast majority of stuff runs fine.
KS1.3 will disable the A600's fastmem, because I'm using Z3 autoconfig, which is only available in KS2.0 or higher. Under 1.3, fastmem will have to be added manually with Addmem.

With all the screws and mechanics that I'm thinking of for the 600, there will be no way of "quickly removing" the accel. I'll look into a hard-disable-switch for the ACA630, but can't promise anything at this point.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I'd imagine a yes. The A603 won't be a requirement, just an option.
Confirmed. However, with all the extra heat in the A600 case, I like the idea of free space created by removing the disk drive and using the disk slot as an "exhaust" for a low-noise, low-speed fan. You might want to dig out your old external disk drive because I *may* make it a requirement to remove the internal one (depends on thermal tests).

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