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This was indeed an interesting article Frederic

which they say will drive up the price of the average television set by more than $250
After reading the article I was left pondering is this really about (C) infringement or just about more companies making more money selling us things we don't really need ??

The way things are going next thing they will be discussing is Paying for internet downloads :eek

Under the proposal, copyright owners would be free to use any technology to disable, block or impair their works from being pirated on a file-sharing network, provided that they did not damage users' computers or block other files
This however I feel is OK, afterall if a product is good then surely it's worth buying ?

There again now we are left with the problem of companies overpricing for their products like Microsoft do and with the new rules about piracy in place we would be forced to pay full price for their products
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