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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I've used a 68030 with MMU for these photos. Before that, I had an EC030 isntalled, and for the very first time, it was a "real" EC030, meaning that "CPU fastrom" was executed and MMU shown in Sysinfo as "in use", but the rom speed in bustest remained the same. I remember rumors about EC030's being re-labelled by Motorola, and in reality, they still have an MMU. Seems like this myth is busted ;-)
Full 68030's with working MMU relabeled as an 68EC030 is probably a myth but some 68EC030's have borken MMU (Remarked full 68030 that didn't pass all tests? 68EC030 documentation says MMU instruction behavior is not defined, do not use)

I had Microbotics VXL30 68EC030 based A500 turbo board in 1990s (Unfortunately I sold it few years later. Which of course was stupid thing to do..)

Enforcer worked perfectly fine, all hits were reported correctly. No other program that required MMU worked, even simple ROM remapping software crashed instantly..
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