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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
With Fat95 installed, you will be able to read and write to FAT16 and FAT32 drives with no problems. It doesn't matter how large the SD or CF card is when it's formatted as FAT32 it should work.
You just said SDHC won't work though. So if I want more than 2GB over PCMCIA, I need CF? I think 2GB will be more than enough though.

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
The S-Video and VGA Adapter combination from AmigaManiac is probably the cheapest Amiga-to-VGA solution available, and should definitely work with your LCD screen with both PAL and NTSC screenmodes. You can't use it to display a PAL image on an NTSC screen, but it will work on a VGA screen.
I'm a bit unclear here. So does NTSC/PAL not matter when using a VGA monitor? I've got a RGB/VGA adapter (not converter, just adapter) that came with my Amiga, but I couldn't get any picture at all when I plugged an old PC monitor into it. I'm sure my LCD TV is NTSC... but it also has a VGA port. It's not a computer monitor though, just a TV with VGA input. Does that make it a "VGA screen"? Isn't any screen in America (that wasn't imported) NTSC?

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
A520 only outputs composite and RF (just like your A1200's internal modulator already does) so it's not much use unless you want to modify it to output S-Video, then just get a VGA adapter. If you're not the hardware-hacking type, it's probably just better to get a cheap S-Video adapter from AmigaManiac.
Are there NTSC or PAL versions of the 520? Or are they all the same? I thought I might be able to use an American one to convert the RGB on my PAL Amiga to NTSC composite or RF externally. I guess not? If I hacked a 520 for s-video, would that be NTSC compatible? I am the hardware hacking type. If I pulled chroma/luma out of a 520 would it work with my C64 monitor?
Argh this is so confusing!

Sorry for all the stupid questions.
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