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I know NOS (New Old Stock) can fetch some prices - but that is crazy

if you dont mind second user (or third / fourth for that matter) I suggest asking on AmiBay and keeping an eye on eBay as well.

Recently I sold a good - clean model - without any yellowing

A1200 Kickstart 3.0
40GB HDD (fully setup and then some)
Workbench 3.0 Disks
Mouse, Joypad

£145 + postage (aprx £9)

A basic (STOCK) A1200 model with Kick 3.0 mouse and PSU should set you back no more than £55 inc postage within the UK - outside the UK I am unsure to be honest -

If you said 60 - 80 euros that would be close to what would be sensible to pay for a working model.... for a collectors piece however.... well.... thats what the big money is all about.

I believe that you would find can provide you a new old stock Amiga for much less the cost and with extra gubbins too.

Amigakit prices start at 119.99 euros for the basic model however you can customize it on site with what they offer for a total of 229.56 euros + postage

it includes

A1200 (EU PAL model)
Kickstart 3.1
Workbench 3.0
Internal 4GB compact Flash (hardisk) and IDE interface
White (amiga Logo) Mouse
PCMCIA RJ45 Ethernet via PCMCIA
Magic Pack Software bundle
220volt European Power Pack

you should be able to find a solid fast (50Mhz) 030 accelerator with 32MB of FAST RAM for about 180 euros thus putting you with a very tricked out Amiga A1200 for about 400 euros.

yeah its a lot of money to be honest.... but this hobby is fast growing expensive over the last few years.

I have to admit the A1200 with a 2.1GB HDD for $915 is laudible and grossly offensive to be fair - do you have a web-link to this store?
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