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Thank you!

Hello! thanks to everyone who replied to my posts!

when i tried to extract the files directly from the disquette ik Worked fine, i also archived the files on my pc with the frozen 5 method(thank you "clenched") "Thomas", you are right the problem is with the crossdoss parameters but when i do "SYS:Tools/Commodities/CrossDOS)" i get a smal rectangular menu where you can cross a box named text filter; a box named text translator and for "languages" asci-7 ; dansk ; intl; etc no mention of CRLF or LF.

prowler: I use pc-1.4 megabyte disks witch i format (fist i use a piece of tape to cover the hole) on the cmd interface : format a:/t:80/n:9 . then i copy a file on it and insert it in the amiga.

also since i use 720 disks my capacity is limited to 720 kb when i want to have bigger archives i am in trouble! RAR seems like a good method but deachiving with a unrar program on the amiga doesn't really work, pehaps i use the wrong program? i use winrar to archive on pc and used De-archiveur ;unrar-3.10 on the amiga

thank you!
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