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Thanks for the replies everyone!

But scratch all that CF card stuff! Some people on another forum reminded me about the possibility of SD cards, which I'd much rather use. Someone said they are using this PCMCIA SD reader. Is it possible to use an SD card for the hard drive as well, maybe with something like this? Are there any disadvantages to using SD rather than CF?

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As for the PCMCIA CFs, they won't need to be formatted at all, you keep them using the FAT filesystem so that they're readable on both the Amiga and the PC, and you just need to install the FAT95 filesystem and PCMCIA card driver.
So... can a normal Amiga read FAT partitions larger than 2GB or cards larger than 4GB through PCMCIA? Is that FAT16 or FAT32?

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5) What are you using for a display? If you have an LCD TV/monitor with S-Video inputs, you may want to get yourself a cheap S-Video adapter for a sharp, flicker-free display. You can get these and plenty of other cheap, useful hardware bits from
Well, I am in America, but my Amiga is actually PAL. I plugged it into an LCD TV via composite but got a messed up picture, and I plugged it into an old PC monitor via RGB/VGA, but couldn't get any picture at all. So at the moment, I'm using a low-quality USB composite video capture device on my laptop. It'll work for tracking or MOD listening I suppose, but it'll probably be too laggy for demos or games. I do have another LCD TV I can try (have to fix it first) and it takes composite, s-video and VGA too, but I doubt it'll work. Will the S-video or VGA adapter on this page let me use a PAL Amiga on an American TV? Would a 520 modulator do that?

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Good luck with everything. If you end up getting some extra RAM in there (either from a RAM/FPU card or a CPU accelerator) you'll have endless fun to discover for years to come!
Upgrading Amigas is an expensive downward spiral of death! I promised myself I wouldn't attempt it. XD
Is there anything I can do that won't be too expensive? How much does an 8MB fast RAM card typically cost?
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